Hi, I'm Bartosz Wiecha!

Senior Data Engineer (Data/DWH/BI)

Data Passionate
Constant Learner

I am a Data / DWH / BI specialist with over 10 years of experience in many projects in Poland, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Switzerland.

I specialize in delivery high standard solutions that are data-oriented. I am thrilled to work with data. Understand it, process and transform, and ultimately create usfeul solutions.

I have worked in many industries like: public, healthcare, wealth management (insurance, investment funds, banking, leasing, trust), FMCG, oil & gas.




Data Warehouses

Data Modelling
(Kimball, Inmon,
Data Vault)

Data Ingestion and Flow

Data Governance

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence


SQL Server 2008 - 2017

Oracle 10g/11g/12c





.NET - C#:
Foundation, Rest API, WCF, ASP.NET






First steps in:

Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform

Alibaba Cloud


Visual Studio

Microsoft BI Stack Tools

Power BI

TFS, Git



Continous Integration /
Continous Delivery

Modelling Techniques

Retail Area Expertise

Financial Area Expertise

Work Experience

Senior Data Engineer, Assistant Vice President

Zürich, Switzerland

2018 Novemver - Present

Role: Senior Data Engineer, Assistant Vice President
I work in International Wealth Management division, in a Private Banking area. My main responsibilities are architecting, developing and maintaining a Global Data Platform for all worldwide Credit Suisse Trust locations, including: Zürich, Liechtenstein, Singapore, Bahamas, Guernsey.

Tasks that I am responsible for:
* Maintain Data Platform and implement new features
* Implementing Security Governance and Security Model for Credit Suisse Trust Group
* Lead a solution of transforming a Reporting Platform to a Modern Data & Analytics Portal
* Working on an Asset Management solution
* Preparing data for AMLD5 directive
* Supporting various internal stakeholders (mostly Finance/Controlling Team and Trust Advisors Team) with ad-hoc data requests regarding Worldwide and European Directives
* Developing CI/CD strategy
* Automating Financial Month End process
* Preparation and execution of migration to a new platform (SQL Server 2017)

Technology stack: SQL Server 2014/2016/2017 (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS), T-SQL, MDX, Biml, .NET (C#, ASP.NET MVC), Powershell, NavOne (3rd party tool for maintaining Trust businesses)

Leading project of building TCO Financial Dashboard (Total Cost of Ownership) Solution. Leading a full lifecycle of a product, from gathering the requirements, discussing with stakeholders, analysing data, building data layer, assessing possible solutions and technologies that can be used (Power BI vs Tableau) and building presentation layer - TCO Financial Dashboard for stakeholders (Cost Centres’ Owners, Projects’ Owners) on Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server.

Technology Stack: SQL Server 2017, T-SQL, DAX, Power BI, Tableau, Excel

Additional activities

4th Credit Suisse Hackathon - The Future of Banking Hackathon 2020
Main task: Use NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques to to find prospective clients based on generally available data (GDELT, social media)
Technology stack: Python (NLTK, spaCy, matplotlib, numpy, scikit-learn, pandas), Google Cloud Platform

3rd Credit Suisse Hackathon - The Future of Banking Hackathon 2019
Main task: Use Deep Learning techniques to predict price of bonds and classify how big change will happen,
in order to give a recommendation about buying/selling/holding bonds.
Task involved not only to build a Deep Learning model but also an attempt to beat currently used model that used Soft Learning techniques. The whole solution was based on GCP (Google Cloud Platform), so there was also a task to architect appropriate cloud architecture for the solution.
Technology stack: Python (keras, matplotlib, numpy, scikit-learn, pandas), Google Cloud Platform

Senior Data Engineer

Basel, Switzerland

2017 April - 2018 October

Role: Senior Data Engineer
I worked in a Global IT Department division on a Global Datawarehouse for the whole group (4 divisions, 40+ countries). This datawarehouse acts as a single source of truth for Sales, Stocks and Inventory areas of retail business.

Tasks that I was responsible for:
* Design and participate architectural decisions
* Development and maintain the whole lifecyfle of the Datawarehouse
* Build a Sales Portal with reports and dashboards for Sales Team (Power BI)
* Build a Marketing Portal (Power BI with data ingestion from Google Analytics)
* Build a tool to automate and increase data quality during migration processes

Technology stack: SQL Server 2016 (SSIS, SSAS (MD, Tabular), SSRS), T-SQL, MDX, DAX, Biml, .NET (C#, Rest API), Powershell, SAP, Google Analytics, TFS, Markdown

BI / DWH Consultant, Microsoft Practice

London, United Kingdom

2014 April - 2017 April

Role: Business Intelligence Consultant at Microsoft Practice
As a consultant, I helped various Clients from various business areas:
first - understand better their challenges, next - propose and implement IT solutions.

Some projects including:
* Prediction of WSSI (Weekly Sales, Stock, Intake) with SSAS Writeback mechanism as a backend and Excel sheet as a frontend
Client: Clothing Division of a big UK Retail key player
Technology stack: SQL Server 2012 (SSIS, SSAS), T-SQL, MDX, SSAS Writeback mechaism

* Participate in a IT programme for UK healthcare:
** Build a set of reports and portal about patients for medical staff
** Build a solution to monitor KPIs regarding various diceases
** Build a solution to calculate expenses for treatements
Client: UK healthcare service provider
Technology stack: SQL Server 2012 (SSIS, SSAS (Multidimensional, Tabular), SSRS), T-SQL, MDX, DAX, SharePoint

* Tool for analysis and prediction of a Wrench Time of a staff working on gas rigs and gas terminals
Client: Key company in Oil and Gas industry on Middle East
Technology stack: SQL Server 2012 (SSAS (Tabular)), T-SQL, DAX, Excel

* Internal Framework for data ingestion, labeling, logging and lineage in Microsoft Azure technology
Client: Internal project Technology stack: Azure - SQL Database, Data Lake, Data Factory, Functions, Blob Storage, Scheduler

BI Developer

Utrecht, Netherlands

2015 May - 2016 December

As a part of Hitachi Consulting Team, I worked on client side on a daily basis for abour 1.5 year

Role: BI Developer in Liquidity Datawarehouse Team
Liquidity Datawarehouse Team focused on implementation Basel III Regulatory Framework. As a part of the team I was involved in the whole lifecycle of building and extending Data Platform to meet the Risk Department requirements.

Tasks that I was responsible for:
* Data ingestion from various sources
* Build a Data Warehouse based on Data Vault concept (RawVault, RuleVault)
* Build ETL pipelines with the help of Biml language
* Extend Liquidity Portal for Risk Team (ASP.NET MVC portal)
Client: A major universal bank in the Netherlands
Technology stack: SQL Server 2012 (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS), T-SQL, MDX, Biml, .NET (C#, ASP.NET MVC)

Role: Continous Integration / Continous Delivery specialist in Liquidity Datawarehouse Team.
As a part of this team I was involved in define and implement the strategy of CI/CD processes.

Tasks that I was responsible for:
* Gather requirements about the processes.
* Redesign the old process (based on TFS 2013 XAML-style Builds) and rewrite from scratch all Build and Release strategy on a new platform (TFS 2015 with web-based Build definitions) with help of
Xebia Labs XL Deploy tool
Client: A major universal bank in the Netherlands
Technology stack: SQL Server 2012, T-SQL, Biml, .NET (C#, ASP.NET MVC, Rest API), Powershell, XL Deploy

DWH / BI Developer

Warsaw, Poland

2013 April - 2014 March

Role: DWH / BI Developer
As a developer, I worked with several customers to deliver DWH / BI solutions

Some projects including:
* Migration of the whole company's Datawarehouse from Oracle to MS SQL.
** Rewritten the whole structure and business logic
** Data migration
** Rewritten reporting platform
Client: Scandinavian bank from Corporate Banking area
Technology stack: SQL Server 2008R2 (SSIS, SSRS), T-SQL, Oracle Database, PL/SQL

* System for automated ordering and sheduling requests for pesticides.
** Development of automated ordering
** Migration of the whole platform from SQL Server 2005 to SQl Server 2008R2
** Data-Driven Subscriptions to Crop Managers
** Implementation of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) standard
Client: Key German pharmaceutical and life sciences company
Technology stack: SQL Server 2008R2, T-SQL, Excel

Database Consultant

Warsaw, Poland

2012 January - 2013 April

At that time, there was an IT company called Outbox. Currently is a part of PWC as it was aquisited at some point of time.

Role: Database Developer

As a developer, I worked with several customers to deliver database solutions

Some projects including:
* Data Platform based on Microsoft BI Stack
** Participation in analysis of Transfer Agent source database
** Implementation ETL packages for DW and staging area
** Implementation metadata database for DW & BI
** Implementation of a reporting platform (SSRS + Sharepoint)
Client: One of the biggest polish Investment Fund company
Technology stack: SQL Server 2012 (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS), T-SQL, MDX

* CRM System
** Implementation of data batch loading processes from several external systems into ODS (Operational Data Store) database, and CRM database
** Participation in data migration analysis
** Developing migration processes
** Minor reports developing
** CRM database optimization
Client: Austrian key player in a leasing services area
Technology stack: SQL Server 2008R2, T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, .NET (WCF)

* Vindication and Restructuring system
** Technical demo of a system which supports vindication and restructuring processes for Vindication and Restructuring Department Technology stack: SQL Server 2008R2, T-SQL, .NET (ASP.NET MVC3, EF, WF)

* Implementation of a system which supports Group Insurance for Corporate Clients Department.
** Analysis of customer's business processes
** Design and implementation database structure
** Implementation the whole business logic (T-SQL, VBA)
** Participation in design and implementation of a GUI (Access 2003)
Client: Dutch Insurance Corporation, Financial Services
Technology stack: SQL Server 2008R2, T-SQL, Access 2003, VBA

Certifications / Courses / Education


Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Data Management and Analytics - 2019


Microsoft Azure Fundamentals


Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I)



Exam AZ-900: Azure Fundamentals


Exam 461: Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014


Exam 463: Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014


Exam 462: Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Databases


Exam 466: Implementing Data Models and Reports with Microsoft SQL Server


Exam 467: Designing Business Intelligence Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server



BSc Computer Science

Warsaw University of Technology

Warsaw, Poland




I love to explore new places. Getting to know better the history, culture, customs and food. My top destinations are big/huge cities, where you can experience the hustling and bustling of a daily life to the maximum. Nevertheless, I like also more calm places, like ancient buildings, churches, temples or wats.


Photography is one of my favourite hobbies. I like city and landscape photography. I am training to be more skilled in street and portrait photography. What is more, I like not only taking pictures, but also all what happens next, so all the post-processing steps. I like to use Photoshop as my main tool to do this.


I love spending time in the kitchen, cooking various dishes. It makes me so relaxed. I like to do experiments in the kitchen, trying to not following cookbook all the time. My beloved cuisine is definitely the whole Asian quisine, where Thai and Chinese I like the most.


Reading is an awesome thing! I love fantasy and s-f books the most. Also a good political fiction and history book is worth reading. Recently I am trying to read some biographical books also.